Rossignol Experience 84 Ski + NX12 Bindings 2018

Ski Size: 162
$749 $1,249


Rossignol Experience 84 Skis + NX12 Bindings 2018

If you are a strong intermediate skier who just wants to have a little bit of fun on the groomers then look no further than the Rossignol Experience 84 Ski. The Rossignol Experience 84 Ski is able to hold a swift edge at high speeds due to the extended side cut yet if you just want to chill behind the pack these skis hold an edge like a dream. With the auto turn rocker technology, these skis have the perfect amount of rocker to camber with camber underfoot to give that little bit of extra help instigate turns on the front side of the mountain. 

  • Bindings Included (Bindings must be fitted by a qualified ski technician)
  • Carbon Alloy Matrix
  • Auto Turn Rocker
  • Air Tip
  • Extended Sidecut
  • Carbon Alloy/Paulownia Core


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