The difference between snow pants and ski pants is that snow pants are thicker and warmer than ski pants. Snow pants keep you warm during everyday activities while ski pants are breathable so you'll remain warm and dry during snow sports. Both are waterproof.
Ski pants are waterproof and breathable to keep you warm and dry. Ski pants also feature seam taping in order to make them waterproof while you're in the snow. See our Waterproofing and Breathability guide for more.
You should wear a thermal base layer under your ski pants. An alternate option for layering under your ski pants is to wear an additional mid layer on top of your base layer if you get cold easily. However, many people find a single base layer under ski pants adequate for snow sports. See our How To Layer guide for more info on what to wear under ski pants.
Yes, you can go skiing without ski pants. You do not have to wear ski pants for skiing. You should wear a pair of waterproof pants. You should wear your waterproof pants with a thermal base layer under your waterproof pants for warmth. This will ensure you stay warm and dry while skiing through powder snow.
Yes, you can rent snow pants from ski gear shops near you and at your ski resort. Stores have bundle rental packages at reasonable prices where you can rent everything you’ll need for your skiing trip in the snow. See our ski gear rental page for more.
  1. Check the manufacturer’s label for special instructions.
  2. Wash your ski pants with a special detergent for waterproof ski wear.
  3. Wash your ski pants in your washing machine, on a normal or delicate cycle. Avoid too much agitation.
  4. Air dry your ski pants. You can also tumble dry on low and check your ski pants every few minutes. Don’t let them get too hot as this will destroy the waterproof membrane.
  5. See our How To Wash Ski Gear guide for more advice.

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