After having an amazing experience trekking around the world in 2002, Vigilante was born based on the freedom of seeing new places and being citizens of the world. Creating functional, stylish wear for everyday adventurers. Coming from a fashion design background, style was still only a small portion of the advanced technical features needed to make the garments functional for the day-to-day wear-and-tear traveller. Vigilante is inspired by nature and the world around us, and they believe every day can be an adventure.

Vigilante has implemented fantastic new technologies in all their gear to conquer any condition. The have created a stretch waterproof fabric for soft shells, they have also integrated powdered jade particles into nylon fibres to help cool the body in active situations for certain garments.

Technology is integral to be ahead of the curb in the snow sports industry, and Vigilante is a strong competitor in Thermals and Outerwear.