Sorel is the go-to brand of iconic Canadian winter boots loved my mountaineers and snow hounds alike. These boots have long been popular in Canada for their high quality and warmth. The Sorel line was introduced in 1959 by Kaufman Rubber (later known as Kaufman Footwear) and became the world’s best-selling cold weather boot. Kaufman Footwear was founded in Kitchener, Ontario and produced rubber footwear for both domestic and foreign markets.

The Sorel line of winter sport/work boots, introduced in 1959, became its most successful product line. In the summer of 2000, the Sorel trademark was bought by Columbia Sportswear. Sorel today is a modern business bringing functionality and heritage of expert craftsmanship to the world of fashion. Sorel footwear combines felt, wool, premium leather and flawless construction with and for people who aren’t afraid to get their boots dirty. At Snowcentral, we have been recommending sorel boots for many years and can honestly say that an investment in a good quality snow boot like those produced by Sorel will last you many many winters.

The most iconic and well-known style from Sorel is the Caribou for both men and women. This is the boot for the lifties, resort workers, locals and people visiting and living in cold places. The company takes its’ social responsibility seriously and values ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices. They work hard to see that workers on their products are treated in an ethical, fair and respectful environment.

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