In today’s current world, where often speed and stress has taken over, people take less and less time to play and connect with nature. Salomon is dedicated to enable the play, enable progress, and enable one to reconnect with nature. Play is the very essence of Salomon skis.

“Play to Enjoy, Play to Progress, Play with the rules”

Being 100% connected to mountain sports since their first day of business in 1947, Salomon was born in the French Alps as a wood saw and ski edge workshop in downtown Annecy, quickly progressing to much more than a simple factory. 1957, 10 years after opening doors, Salomon released their first ski binding replacing traditional leather straps- taking the world by storm. Shortly after in 1966, the invention of the world’s first binding with a self-release heelpiece was introduced. Within the next 6 years, by 1972, Salomon becomes the #1 binding manufacturer in the world, selling more than 1 million pairs bindings that year alone.

A few years later saw the release of Salomon’s first alpine ski boot in 1979. Continuing with their tendency of popularity, in the next 10 years Salomon sold over 10 million Alpine ski boots, truly cementing the company’s name throughout the entire world. Since their founding, Salomon has established itself within almost every area of snowsports and mountaineering.  Salomon continues to prove themselves as a large progressive influence on the sports through constantly pushing innovative products.

Adamant with their passion for ski sport advancement, innovative product development, high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, Salomon continues present day to create progressive ski gear to enable freedom, and help you challenge yourself in the mountains.

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