Rossignol has been around since 1907, marking 110 years in the mountain wear industry. Their research and development in the snow gear industry paved the way for some of the best technologies found in ski gear to-date. Having experience in the mountains every day of every year means their expertise is paramount in providing premium quality mountain wear. Abel Rossignol, founder of Rossignol made his first skis out of wood in 1907, and 30 years later the brand had its first world champion, Emile Allais. Designing and manufacturing skis, bindings, ski boots, snowboards, technical equipment and soft goods for all seasons, all made by people who are committed to perfection, understanding the mountains and the quality needed to conquer them. Rossignol’s aim is to be known as the most progressive and authentic mountain brand on the market. Whatever you need out of your equipment and mountain wear, Rossignol can provide at an excellent value, high reliability, great quality and attractive design.