Rome SDS has been a vital brand in the snowboarding industry creating epic boards, snowboard bindings, boots, and soft goods since 2001. Founded by Josh Reid and Paul Maravetz who had worked together in snow gear product development previously, they started the company as they felt the industry was producing too many mediocre products marketed heavily, saturating the market with inferior gear. With brands losing touch, they felt they needed to get back to the roots of boarding, and thus Rome SDS was born.

Rome SDS felt that rather than treating snowboarding like a spin-off to skiing, it could rest as a stand-alone sport in pursuit for fun on the snow, sideways. Snowboarding has always had the history of ‘anti-establishment’ and ‘down with THE man’ in the ideology, Rome took this path and stayed away from the trend which was happening with other brands at the time, and revitalised the industry with motto’s like “Corrosion of the Corporate”, “Defy, Defect, Disrupt” and “You can’t reform snowboarding”. Rome snowboards supports differing riding styles by using versatile hybrids in all their boards which gives riders some of the best experiences in any condition while maintaining style and function.