RipCurl is a world famous brand with a big history. The brand produces some of the best quality products on the market for surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, lifestyle and beach.

So let’s find out who RipCurl is? Cult brand for those who love riding on all the possible surfaces whether it be water or snow. RipCurl is the go-to brand for gear and equipment for crazy adventurers and enthusiastic travellers.

If we want to find the right answer to this question we have to look deeper from an absolutely different perspective. RipCurl is the brand for those who are always looking for something amazing, silly, and fun – basically anything that makes us happy and fills us up to the roof emotionally. The SEARCH is not a trademark, it’s not branding – it is something much bigger. Since their inception, the SEARCH is the spirit and philosophy for life that gave a birth to the RipCurl brand.

Here at Snowcentral, you can share your snow passion and we will help you to choose the best ski gear from RipCurl for you and your family. RipCurl divides their snow gear into three performance ranges – Gum Series, Core and Rider. Gum Series is the top of the range snow gear for the most insane rider who wants to get best of the best in technologies and quality for keeping him dry and comfortable in the harshest conditions. Apart from the high waterproof and breathability ratings which are 30.000mm/40.000gm all the RipCurl snow gear of this range features Gum technology – 4-way stretching material for making your 360s easier and riding smoother. The Core Series is their premium ski gear range with 20.000mm waterproof, 20.000gm breathability ratings and Gum technology with 2-way stretchy material. The Rider Series is everything you need for a great price, 10.000mm waterproof and 10.000gm breathability ratings.

As usual, all the snow gear from RipCurl rocks awesome graphics, fresh designs and very cute patterns for the kids. Get your new RipCurl jackets and pants today and look sharp this season!

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