Two students for the University of California Santa Cruz went on a school excursion to the Alaska Juneau Icefields and had an idea to start the Marmot Club.  The name refers to a large ground squirrel that lives in the mountains.   Over the next two years Dave and Eric made the prototypes of their first products in their dorm room. From here the down vest, sweater, jacket and three down sleeping bags were designed.

In 1973 the Dave, Eric and a friend Tom rented a building in Grand Junction and opened a snow retail and rental shop. They got their first big order in 1974 when 20th Century Fox called and ordered 108 puffy jackets for the movie “The Eiger Sanction” starring Clint Eastwood.  It only took one week for the Golden Mantle puffer jacket to be designed.

1976 saw a big development when Eric was shown Gore-tex, within a short time they had sewn a sleeping bag and then tested it in a commercial freezer for a week and under fire sprinklers.  They liked how it performed and changed production to Gore-tex.

Marmot is committed to providing quality products while caring for the environment by using PVC and Phthalate free inks in their printing process. The down policy ensures that no Down is sourced from live pluck or Foie Grass geese or ducks.

After all of these years they still provide, Top quality products to adventure enthusiasts throughout the world.

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