Established in 1978, Attiba has had a fantastic track-record in footwear. They are most notable for their winter and hiking boots for men and women. The footwear company took on an outstanding team to help research and develop some of the best outdoor boots on the market.

Located in Italy, Attiba boasts an in-house design group and prototype space to develop boots using the latest technology and features for the modern world. Thanks to their tireless work on creating top quality fabrics and hi-tech resources, their boots are made for the toughest of environments in mind. Some features on their boots consist of water resistant lining, anti-slip tracks you can use on icy paths and roads, vibram outsole for longer lasting and great for hiking and abrasion resistant material on shoe uppers. The collaboration of the materials, research and their highly skilled team have allowed Attiba to create comfortable shoes with safety in mind for difficult situations.