This amazing Australian brand is the uniting work of a brilliant bunch of snowboarders, adventurers, and entrepreneurs. 3CS Outerwear was founded in 2002, the goal was to create fashion forward snowboarding outerwear that could withstand the harshest of alpine environments. The point of difference for 3CS came from the realization that they could test their products in some of the world’s most demanding weather conditions – all from their own backyard in the Australian Alps.

15 years later, 3CS Outerwear is the longest running brand to come from Australian snowboarding, with a worldwide reputation for superior quality products and reliability. Teaming up with the likes of Heikki Sorsa & Jeffrey Sponzo, the boys at 3CS have kept their men’s range to a truly unique rugged street style meets tough workwear. They have three signature series within their men’s brand, The Essentials, The Rockwell Club & The Resistance.

The Essential range is exactly what the title states, keeping it simple and essential for your snowboarding needs, in The Essentials range you will get high-quality gear for a good price. The Rockwell Range is where you will start seeing the true street style come to life. This range is generally all a 15,000mm waterproofing, will have an abundance of pockets and features you won’t find in the Essentials range. The Resistance range is where the range takes a step up and shows what these guys really love their snowboarding gear, dynamic, tough, street style friendly and resilient to whatever the Alps bring. Showcasing high-end materials, water resistance’s, features and a versatile style to go from hill to apres, the Resistance range is a premium range offering the best.

Don’t think 3CS forget about the women in the snowboarding world, they offer two amazing ranges for women, The Women’s Essential and The Phoenix Collection. The Pheonix range bringing out an amazing street wear style, looking more like a fashion jacket while being a versatile high-quality snowboarding jacket. Australian Owned & Designed, make sure you check out the latest ranges from 3CS Outerwear. Support your local!

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