Footbeds for Ski Boots

Would you build a house without laying a good foundation first? Here at Snowcentral, we pride ourselves on having some of Australia's best Boot Fitters, who are there to educate you and guide you through an amazing journey to new comfortable fitting men's ski boots or snowboard boots. In doing this we always recommend a custom footbed with your boot purchase, whether it's men's boots or women's ski boots. You may think this is just some crazy upselling technique that we are taught on our first day in retail, but there are some valid reasons behind our suggestion. Here's to putting that myth to rest.

Comfortable Ski Boots With Custom Footbeds

Have you ever been at the base of the mountain watching all the skiers coming down and there's just the one person who seems like they are just effortless floating down the slope no exhaustion, accurate turns, a bright iridescent almost holy glow around them, and you think 'wow what is their secret'. Chances are, you're probably staring at someone who has custom footbeds or ski boot insoles. Either of these can up your skiing game and ensure you ski in comfort. Whether you're looking for the best ski boots for pronation or the best ski boots for flat feet, our boot fitters at Snow Central will have the perfect solution for you.

Ski Boot Insoles

Other types of footbeds for ski boots include Superfeet ski boot insoles and Superfeet for snowboard boots. Sidas ski boot insoles are another top choice. If you're looking for the best insoles for ski boots, custom footbeds would still be the best option. However, it's always worth getting a ski boot insole for extra comfort, if you decide not to go the custom footbed route.

What Are Custom Footbeds For Ski Boots?


Custom footbeds are designed to support your foot and transfer the movements from your hips, knees, and legs directly to your skis. Skiing depends on providing your feet with solid platforms. As you apply pressure to your feet by standing and moving your knees fore, aft, left and right, your feet are designed to absorb pressure by flattening. While that may be a good thing when doing other sports it can work against you while skiing.

Why Are They Important?

This is where footbeds become important, they are designed to support the bottoms of your feet so that as you flex your ankles forward or to the side, they transfer the movements directly to your skis creating some perfect effortless turns and improving your skiing dramatically for the good. Custom footbeds can also cure a number of common problems such as pressure points and tingly toes. Finding the best ski boots for high instep is also possible with the availability of custom ski or snowboard footbeds.

Masterfit Instaprint Custom Footbeds

Here at Snowcentral we use Masterfit Instaprint to make a high-quality footbed, we begin by resting your feet in a custom mould, making an impression of the bottom of your foot. As the gel is forced up into the contours of the feet, we can make the perfect mould for your feet. The structure of each foot is as unique as your own fingerprints. A blank insole is created out of a high-grade plastic after the mould has been created. This is the most important part of your footbeds. After that, there's a whole lot of behind-the-scenes action with glue and foam and grinding machines. It's all quite a messy job but well worth the outcome.

Try On Your Custom Footbeds

Custom footbeds dramatically change the way your boots fit, so trying on the boots with the finished footbeds in them is a must. This is the part where we make you walk around in your ski boots and let us know if there are any pressure points or uncomfortable feelings in your boots. Then we can adjust them accordingly. Looking for more advice on ski boots? See our Ski Boot Buying Guide.

Ready to ski in comfort? See our range of custom footbeds here.