Ski & Snowboard Maintenance

So you have just purchased your brand new set of skis or snowboard and have been on your trip…What’s next? Equipment maintenance is like maintaining your car; it is important to put them in for a service, “tune”, regularly.


If you have just come back from a trip and notice that your equipment has surface scratches, high or low points on the base, dull edges, or perhaps even rust on your edges, it is time for a tune. A tune on our Wintersteiger Tuning Machine repairs your base and gets rid of any of those surface scratches, it puts structure back into your base, sharpens your edges, and even includes a wax and scrape for only $79*. Amazing value to get your equipment back to near new quality for your next trip.

What is structure? Structure in your base acts as pores to absorb the wax, it also creates micro channels to help break the friction between your base and the snow to help you slide faster. So now you can see why would want to ensure that you base is in the best condition for you to shred the gnar and not get stuck on those flat spots.

Sometimes, especially when skiing in Australia or New Zealand, we can damage our equipment a little more than we would like. Gauges, core shots, other base damage, top sheet damage, or rail damage will incur some extra costs depending on how bad the damage is; our friendly staff will be able to recommend the best path to correcting the damage. If the damage is minor we can give you a quote on the spot, however sometimes the board has to be assessed by our senior technicians. In this case we will get our technician to call you to have a chat about the damage, give you a quote, and get the go ahead to complete the job.

Coming back from your trip and your equipment is still tip top? Don’t leave it for 6 – 12 months in our Australian heat, get a storage wax put on your equipment! Why? Australia is pretty hot and I am willing to bet 90% of us have an air con in our house, which means that wherever you are storing your equipment, it is likely to be in an area where the temperature fluctuates significantly. If you don’t put a storage wax on your equipment, the base will dry out, your edges will get rusted and you will probably be up for a larger repair bill when it comes time for your next trip; you also won’t be ready for your trip and that sucks! A storage wax hydrates the base of your board and protects your edges from rusting, so win win for anyone. At Snowcentral a wax and scrape is only $29 for a premium quality Molybdenum (Moly) wax, scrape, and polish!

Now you know how to take care of your investment, come in store, and let us help you keep your equipment in great shape!

*Subject to ski/board inspection